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Daily Exercise

NOT Exercising May Be Worse Than Smoking

  • Eighty percent of Americans fail to meet the recommended amount of exercise, which is 5 hours of moderate-intensity activity or 1.25 hours of vigorous-intensity activity each week… along with twice weekly strength-training workouts.1
  • For moderate-exercise activities, which included walking, gardening, and housework, the health benefits peaked at four to six sessions per week. For more strenuous exercise (defined as exercise that caused sweating and a fast heartbeat), the benefits peaked at just two to three times per week.
  • Those who engaged in the more strenuous exercise two to three times a week lowered their risk of heart disease, stroke, and blood clots by 20 percent.
  • Data also suggests that at least twice as many deaths occur due to a lack of exercise than due to obesity. This is really astounding, considering one in five US deaths are associated with obesity.
  • Research has demonstrated that six hours of uninterrupted sittingcounteracts the positive health benefits of one hour of exercise

The data clearly shows that exercise is a major player in a person’s overall health and wellness. Here at Well Life we have an in house trainer that you can schedule personal one-on-one training sessions with. We are also ramping up to offer group fitness classes for our patients as well as quarterly weight loss competition programs. Join us today!