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23andMe Genetic Interpretations

Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics is the study of genetics and how we can turn gene expression on and off with nutrition and lifestyle modifications. For example, some people have genes to be obese but a well rounded Harvard study showed that the group with the obesity genes who exercised had lower BMI than the group who was sedentary. Your genes are NOT your destiny….how you live and support your body IS. With this cutting edge MethylGenetic DNA program, you will learn so much about your genes and health. We like to look at this as “knowledge is power”.

Nutrigenomic DNA program includes:

  • 25 page educational report on >100 SNP’s/genetic mutations with educational info explaining the significance of the genetic mutations
  • In office visit reviewing your report.
  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on your genetics
  • The following labs can be entered into the program if you have completed them: OAT, neurotransmitter, salivary hormones
  • You will be sent a link to complete a survey on symptoms that are matched up to SNP’s
  • Recommendations for nutraceuticals to help modulate mutations especially if symptoms or labs support the gene is negatively expressing itself

Sample Report

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