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Breast Thermography

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This quote couldn’t be more fitting than for our personal health. A healthy body and mind is extremely important for our existence. Different people can support their body’s individual health requirements and goals differently. However, before you take any action, it’s crucial that you understand your health condition thoroughly. As some areas need more attention and care, you need to be familiar with those specific body areas.

The majority of diseases and disorders, be it minor or major, take time to develop. In fact, they tend to silently grow for many years until their detrimental effects changes your life forever.  Interestingly, the human body has the amazing ability to fight off toxins and disease, while performing normal everyday activities. In most cases, we are not even aware of potential health issues.

Early detection of a disease is necessary to prevent it from doing extensive damage to the human body. The health experts at Well Life Family Medicine use a variety of methods to diagnose medical problems at an early stage. Once a patient is diagnosed with a specific disease, our healthcare professionals create a comprehensive plan to deal with it and keep its negative effects to a minimum.

Why is thermal imaging of the human body necessary?

Research establishes a common factor contributing to diseases, including severe diseases such as cancer. This factor is inflammation. For some people, inflammation cannot be seen or detected via the typical tests done, but yet they can feel it. Since inflammation cannot be seen with the naked eye, more complex methods need to be employed to detect them.

Thermal imaging techniques can reveal physical problems that are hard to detect with normal medical tests. These techniques detect infra-red radiation that have longer wavelengths thanvisible light and cannot be seen by the human eye.

Thermography is a thermal imaging technology that helps medical experts safely view the physiology of the human body. The technology measures the body’s heat, also known as infrared thermal patterns. Inflammation, as it is known, generates heat.

Thermography can help detect various health conditions. It’s also a great monitoring tool that can determine how much progress a patient is making.

Well Life Family Medicine offers quality breast thermography services

Our breast thermography service is 100% safe and involves zero skin contact. The entire process is painless and the patients are not subjected to any kind of radiation while it is being conducted.

Thermal imaging has been approved by the FDA since 1982. It is safe, effective, painless and a non-invasive test. Thermal imaging techniques are suitable for patients of all ages since they do not make use of harmful radiation.

Keep in mind, the following guidelines, established by the FDA, pertaining to the use of thermography:

  • It is not an alternative for mammography
  • It should not be used on its own to detect breast cancer
  • It is not better than mammography
  • It is not a substitute for mammography
  • It is to be used along with other breast cancer detection devices
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