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Laser Lipo and Fat Freezer

Sidelining liposuction, fat freezing is fast emerging as an appealing method of fat reduction. The procedure is non-invasive, making it all the more an attractive option.

As compared to other invasive techniques, there is no involvement of anesthesia, needles, or piercing into the skin. The fat freezing procedure is quite tame; you could even read a book or play a game on your smartphone during it!

What Fat Freezing Entails

This technique is also officially referred to as coolsculpting, as well as cryolipolysis. It was first given approval back in 2010 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

So how does this procedure work? The sections of the body that have excess fat are identified using a device, which then proceeds to lower the temperature of the skin to below its natural temperature.

Even though this temperature does not go low enough to reach freezing point, it still serves to work on destroying fat cells. Not every area of the body can be placed in the device, but areas such as love handles are easily managed.

So how does this freezing process eliminate fat cells? According to research, these fat cells are much more susceptible to cold temperatures in comparison to other types of cells.

While most skin cells remain unharmed at extremely cold temperatures, just under a quarter of fat cells tend to disappear in a matter of an hour when frozen. In the end, these cells are metabolized and then excreted naturally from the body.

The Merits of Fat Freezing

This method of fat freezing has many supporters, and the number keeps growing. The fact that the process is painless—with barely the need for a recovery period—undeniably making it a more favorable option.

The entire procedure is fast, and causes minimal discomfort. All it needs is up to an hour with the fat areas in the device, and the patient can just lay back, relax, and maybe read a book.

After the fat freezing treatment, the individual can return to daily life immediately. Swelling after the procedure dissipates quickly. Within two to three weeks, patients see a significant decrease in fat deposits on their body than before.

The Rise of Noninvasive Fat Reduction

Even though liposuction was the most popular surgical procedure to remove excess body fat, nonsurgical procedures such as cool sculpting have gained a lot of recognition over the past few years. Through these procedures, patients can not only take advantage of their speedy recovery, they can also benefit from the minimal health risks attached to these procedures.

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