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Start A Health Journey With WellLife MedFit

February 21, 2019

What is Medical Fitness?  It’s so much more than just Personal Training…

Our trainers are Medical Fitness Specialists, which means they are medically trained and can utilize the newest innovations in exercise science and medical based nutrition to safely and effectively progress you towards your health goals.

The Medical Fitness package includes 3 one-on-one sessions worth $660, sold regularly for $239, and at a special promotional rate currently of $139.

*Session 1 – 1 full hour of in-depth 1-on-1 nutrition coaching

*Session 2 – 90 minute testing session that includes $400 worth of testing

*Session 3 – In depth 1-on-1 review of the assessment to fully customize your plan so that you see Real Results!

Patients AND non-patients can self-pay for all 3 sessions.  We will periodically run specials on the package, but special pricing is allowed only once for patients and non-patients.  (A patient can use insurance once and can utilize a special pricing promo once)

Testing session assessments include:

1)BioScore-We use fasted lipid panel and HgA1c to make precise nutrition/exercise decisions based on your internal biometrics.

2) MaxPulse-We use the data provided by this 3 minute test to see the functioning of your heart to accurately choose appropriate levels of exercise.

3) Basal Metabolic Rate-This breath test pinpoints your EXACT metabolic rate so we can prescribe caloric ranges based on goals and exercise vs. non-exercise days. Online BMR ranges are guesstimates, to truly know how much to eat to lose weight you need to know your individualized BMR.

4) Body Composition-The weight on the scale doesn’t show the whole picture. With this metric we are able to see your bodyfat %, and track how you are meeting your goals for increasing lean mass and only losing fat mass. This also gives us your metabolic age.

5) Pulmonary Functioning Test-The results of this 3 minute test shows us the age of your lungs and will help us design a plan to increase your lung capacity.

6) V02Max-This test shows us how your body consumes oxygen and allows us to tell you exactly what heart rate zone you should be in to burn fat or even get faster for a race!

7) Integrated Movement Screen-We can see faults in your biomechanics to determine if corrective exercise is needed to support your fitness program to prevent injuries.

What is the point of the Medical Fitness Assessment?
A workout is just a workout without Data Driven Decisions! If you want to really put science to work, talk to us about joining a Small Group after your 3 sessions! HSA and Medical Flex accounts can pay for your personal training sessions.  And we’ll even pay for your gym membership!

We are proud to offer this innovative Medical Fitness program through Well Life Family Medicine.  With personalized data from our MedFit Assessment, you can start feeling, looking, sleeping, and thinking your best.  Call us today to take charge of your health, or click here to visit our new web page and learn more!

-This article submitted by Emily Burger, your Well Life Integrated Nutritionist

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