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Darlene Dolezal

December 8, 2020

Darlene Dolezal is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is mother of 3 grown sons, and the grandmother of 2. Her enthusiasm for nutrition was born out of her and her family’s own health struggles. She chose to take pharmaceutical drugs to combat an illness, which in turn created a multitude of additional problems. Her desperate search for answers culminated in a year studying the benefits of “living foods,” which kickstarted her journey with nutrition.

The remarkable improvement in Darlene’s health inspired her to put her knowledge into action, and after witnessing the same positive results in her children and with a few friends, Darlene decided to pursue a certification in Integrative Nutrition. Additionally, Darlene spent 4 weeks studying under a medical doctor in an internationally renowned rejuvenation center, where she witnessed what she would describe as miraculous recoveries in health for people from all over the world. She returned home to coach clients and groups, and has remained passionate about coaching nutrition for an entire decade.

Darlene is devoted to helping others reclaim their health through dietary modification. She is dedicated to understanding each of her client’s backgrounds, viewpoints, challenges, and individual needs. Due to her family’s varying degrees of food allergies and sensitivities, Darlene is skilled in modifying recipes and experienced at finding food substitutions for the most common food allergens. Darlene is honored to be a member of the Well Life team and is committed to helping patients get well, live well, stay well and age well.

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