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Emily Burger

December 8, 2020

Emily Burger is an Integrative Nutritionist.  She has always been interested in food, but her passion for nutrition began with her own health struggles, which she chose to treat with nutritional rather than pharmaceutical options.  She spent a decade researching all the latest food and health connections before pursuing her certification in Integrative Nutrition.  She is committed to helping others reclaim their health through dietary modification and realizes that each person comes to health coaching appointments with their own background, challenges, viewpoints, and needs.

Emily is also the mother of four children with varying food sensitivities, so she is well-versed in modifying recipes and finding substitutions for commonly allergenic ingredients.  Over the course of her education, she converted her family from mac and cheese fiends to liverwurst and veggie eating machines.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys photography, reading, hiking the canyons around her ranch home, and spending time with her family, which includes a menagerie of pets.

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