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As your medical team, we are always concerned about your whole well-being—not just your knees, low back, or blood pressure. We want you to have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life to the fullest.

But we have found that many times, patients with the best intentions just don’t know where to start. “Eating healthy and exercising will help with your back pain, hypertension, and cholesterol,” is what most patients are told. But where do you begin??

This gap is where we fail as medical professionals. We give orders but do not offer a plan to get you there. America is one of the best places in the world for emergency and surgical care, but the system has failed with weight control, chronic disease and pain management solutions.

To remedy this and better serve our patients and community, the team at Well Life Family Medicine is offering an evidence-based Medical Fitness Program designed to get our patients the best possible health outcomes!

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    So what is Medical Fitness?

    So much more than just personal training! Medical professionals collaborate with patients to develop personalized programs incorporating training, nutrition, health coaching, along with medical testing to give patients real results. Providing a medically based safe and effective fitness program that will meet you where you are is our number one priority. Medical Fitness is designed to restore your energy, rebuild your body, and rejuvenate your life!

    We incorporate medical testing that is only available in a medical setting, which provides internal and external data that allows us to know what is happening inside your body that may be preventing you from seeing success.

    Hitting a plateau? With the results from our medical tests our trainers can help you bust through that plateau! For example, these strategic tests give us the necessary information to put you at exactly the right calories so you lose fat and not muscle, to progress you safely from each level of fitness, and allows us to determine treatment plans to mitigate underlying joint and muscle limitations.

    Medical Fitness stems from the idea of using exercise and nutrition as a first-line treatment to prevent and reverse chronic disease and body degeneration. It’s about educating and coaching you how to live healthier and make smarter choices. We will co-create a healthier YOU and not just for you, but for your family, your business, your career, and your hobbies!

    Our program incorporates medical professionals collaborating with patients to develop a personalized fitness program designed to give you the best results.

    Our services include, but are not limited to:

    Personalized Fitness

    A treatment plan as unique as you are, to provide the safest, most effective path to your goals and overall health.

    Health Risk Assessment and
    Weight Loss Physical

    Performed by a physician to ensure all of your physical needs are considered and addressed.

    Metabolic Testing

    To determine how many calories your body needs to build mass, lose fat or maintain.

    Medical Testing

    Allows us to determine what is happening inside your body that may prevent you from seeing success.

    Personal Training

    To ensure you are exercising properly, hold you accountable to your goals, and help guide you every step of the way.

    Nutrition and Health

    Guidance to help you stay true to your goal and find ways to adapt the program to your unique lifestyle or situation.

    Nutrition and Health

    Online resources for health, fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing

    It is our passion to help you feel and look your best. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we are here to give you the necessary tools to make permanent changes in your health! If you are fed up with not living life to the fullest, then we are here to guide you down the right path and hold you accountable to your goals. Your success is our success! And we are dedicated to restoring your health, rebuilding your body, and rejuvenating your life no matter where you’re at today.

    How Does Well Life MedFit Compare?

    Local Gym Comparisons

    Gym Well Life
    Med Fit
    Crunch Verdure DAC Golds ATC
    Personal Training 30 Mins
    Session Rate 60 Mins
    Membership $20-40 $69-99 $84 $50 $29.99
    Body Composition Testing
    Basal Metabolic Rate Testing
    Unlimited Whole Body Vibration
    Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
    Cooking Classes
    Grocery Store Tours
    Discounts on Skin Care and other procedures
    HSA Eligible
    Financing Option Available 6 Month 0%

    Let's get started!

    Contact us to begin moving in that right direction.
    It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

    We care so much about your health and wellness goals that we will even pay you to lose weight! Yes, you read that right! You get paid to lose weight!

    We will pay you $1 for every pound you lose when you sign up for a 3-month or 6-month program!

    So whether you are 80 years old, need to lose 100 pounds, want to look great in a bikini, training for a race, or training for Life! Well Life Medical Fitness has the Solution to your Problem.

    Why wait? With a money back guarantee you have nothing to lose but Weight!

    Why choose
    Well Life MedFit?

    Price per session is comparable to local rates.

    Save money every month by not paying for a
    gym membership.

    Built in perks designed to prevent plateaus,
    and teach life changing behaviors at no
    additional cost.

    Trust the knowledge and experince of
    medically trained staff.

    Only place to utilize HSA and medical flex
    accounts for personal training and nutrition

    Meet the Staff:

    Meet Brady

    Brady was born and raised in Amarillo, and early on he discovered a passion for sports, especially basketball. After high school, Brady picked up endurance sports and completed myriad events, from spartan races to 50K trail runs. He is also actively involved in CrossFit. Through his fitness experience, he fell in love with personal training and working with people one-on-one.

    As a coach/trainer, Brady believes the most difficult feat a client faces is walking through the door. Then, it is up to him to make the workout fun, fulfilling, and effective. His greatest reward is seeing his clients push themselves beyond anything they thought they were capable of. Brady’s clients believe his professional, encouraging attitude keeps them motivated to reach their goals.


    Meet Mika

    Mika has been active her entire life and grew up playing sports. After high school, she went on to play collegiate volleyball at UT-Permian Basin, where she was named NAIA First Team, Red River AllConference . It was there that she realized she had a passion for coaching others. After obtaining a degree from Texas Tech, she began teaching and coaching volleyball at the high school level. She has seven years of coaching experience. For the past a year,

    Mika has been a personal trainer, specializing in Senior Fitness, Small Group Training, and is a Tabata Bootcamp Certified Trainer. She loves interacting with her clients and helping them achieve a more healthy lifestyle. Mika stays busy by keeping up with her two boys Jarrett and Jace. She is married to Marc. Marc and Mika decided to make a lifestyle change for their family 6 years ago and haven't looked back since. They enjoy working out together and watching the boys play baseball. Mika was a USAT national qualifier for 2015. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and is very active in her church. She is excited to have the opportunity to begin working with men and women of all ages and to be a part of the Well Life Medical Fitness team.

    I love love love working with Mika!! She makes every workout fun and enjoyable. She has challenged me to do things I never thought I could do. And the best part is that she doesn’t get mad at me for getting off of my fitness track. She just encourages me to keep at it and gives me new ideas to try.

    --Victoria Helton

    Katie Krodle

    Katie graduated LVN school from Clarendon College in 2012. She worked for 3 years in a hospital setting then stayed home with her two children for 6 years. She is passionate about helping others find their way on their health journey.

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    your best and
    return to the life
    you love.



    • BLOOD PRESSURE: > 140/90
      BODY FAT%: >30%
    • Has one or more of:
    • *Cancer
    • *Cardiovascular Disease
    • *Autoimmune Condition
    • *Diabetes
    • *Brain Fog
    • *Chronic Fatigue
    • *Insomnia
    • *Eczema/Thinning Sking
    • *Low Sex Drive
    • *Decreased muscle mass
    • (Sarcopenia)

    Get Well


    • BLOOD PRESSURE: < 135/85
      BODY FAT%: 21-30%
    • Currently absent from:
    • *Cancer
    • *Cardiovascular Disease
    • *Autoimmune Condition
    • *Diabetes

    • Maintains:
    • *Normal Mental Cognition
    • *Adequate Energy
    • *Minimal sleep disturbance
    • *Clear Skin
    • *Adequate Sex Drive
    • *Normal Muscle Mass

    Live Well


    • BLOOD PRESSURE: 105/60-120/80
      BODY FAT%: 21%
    • Increased protection from:
    • *Cancer
    • *Cardiovascular Disease
    • *Autoimmune Condition
    • *Diabetes

    • Maintains:
    • *Increased Mental Clarity
    • *Bountiful Energy
    • *Restorative Sleep
    • *Glowing Healthy Skin
    • *Abundant Sex Drive
    • *Very Muscular
    • * And More!

    Stay Well

    On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate your health?
    We can help you become a perfect 10!

    In our clinic fitness and nutrition serves as the base to a pyramid of health and wellness.

    80% of sickness and disease can be remedied with proper nutrition and exercise. Training with our Medical Fitness team means more than bicep curls and lunges; it means progressing along the health continuum from sickness to wellness to fitness. True health doesn’t end or begin in the gym. It takes up to 6 months to learn new habits, another 6 months to transition into these new habits, and a year to establish maintenance and avoid the yo-yo theme so often associated with weight loss programs.

    Ultimately it takes up to 3 years to ingrain these habits into a lifestyle of health and fitness. This is where run of the mill exercise and nutrition programs miss the boat, and where MedFit fills the gaps for clients to truly establish a healthy lifestyle.


    Lifestyle Health and Fitness





    Introduction 0-6 months

    In this stage, people are on a teeter-totter, weighing the pros and cons of quitting or modifying their behavior. Although they think about the negative aspects of their bad habit and the positives associated with giving it up (or reducing), they may doubt that the long-term benefits associated with quitting will outweigh the short-term costs. They are learning new exercises and lifestyle behavior patterns, new facts about nutrition, and are being asked to make systemic changes for a long term positive result.

    At this stage, people need a knowledgeable accountability coach or they will drop off before ever seeing a positive change.

    Transition 6 months-1 year

    In this stage, people have made a commitment to make a change. And their dedicated behavior validates their commitment. They are seeing some positive changes in their health, energy, and weight, but old habits sneak up and are still difficult to avoid or refuse. This is a trial and error stage, people are willing to make bolder steps toward progress, but too many errors and they will relapse straight back into their old lifestyle and habits.

    At this stage, people need motivation to continue, and an expert to make course corrections to prevent injuries or plateaus.

    Maintenance 1-2 years

    This stage involves being able to successfully avoid any temptations to return to the previous bad habits. The goal of the maintenance stage is to maintain the new status quo. People in maintenance constantly reformulate the rules of their lives and are acquiring new skills to deal with life and avoid relapse. They are able to anticipate the situations in which a relapse could occur and prepare coping strategies in advance.

    At this stage, people need a fitness specialist to keep their bodies changing, to troubleshoot emotional life changes which can cause relapses, and to open their eyes to their new potential to keep progressing forward, instead of just being satisfied with how far they have come.

    Lifestyle Health & Fitness 2-3 years

    This stage is the rest of your life! In this stage a person learns to balance work, family, exercise, treat meals, and solid nutrition. This person is well equipped to make it through holidays, life-changes, and job-changes without relapsing to previous bad behaviors. In this stage a person has found joy and satisfaction in a healthy lifestyle and no longer view healthful choices as a struggle.

    At this stage, a person may want a fitness specialist to keep things new, fresh, and exciting. They may also like learning advanced strategies like carb-cycling, or training for a triathlon or crossfit competition.

    We are inviting every patient that calls this month to test drive a free session!

    How do you take advantage of this limited time offer?

    Call this month at the clinic at 355-9355 ext 6 OR Email

    Sessions are scaled for any level of fitness and you can even bring a friend!

    As this is a medically supervised program you can even use your HSA and Medical Flex accounts to pay for the investment in your health. We will even pay for your gym membership!

    Plan price per month Retail Med Fit Month
    to Month
    Med Fit 3
    Month Assess
    Med Fit
    6 Month Correct
    Med Fit 12 Month
    /Live Strong
    (MedFit Add On)
    +Base Monthly Package Price
    Includes Gym Membership
    $39.99 rate+$29 FREE!
    ($119.97 value)
    ($239.94 value)
    ($479.88 value)
    Individual per 30 Minute Session Fee $55 $55 $50 $45
    30 Minute 1on1 1x Week Monthly Rate $220 $220 $200 $180
    30 Minute 1on1 2x Week Monthly Rate $440 $440 $400 $360
    30 Minute 1on1 3x Week Monthly Rate $660 $660 $600 $540
    Individual per 60 Minute Session Fee $109 $85 $80 $75
    Group Sessions 60 Minute $40.50 $36.88 $35 $33
    Small Group 2x Week Monthly Rate $295 $295 $279 $265
    60 Minute In-Depth Nutrition Session $109 $85 $80 $75
    Plan price per month Retail Med Fit Month
    to Month
    Med Fit 3
    Month Assess
    Med Fit
    6 Month Correct
    Med Fit 12 Month
    /Live Strong
    (MedFit Add On)
    Online Supplement Discount None None 5% Anytime 10% Anytime 15% Anytime
    Private Facebook Group $29.99 Included Included Included Included
    BodySite Customized Health
    $50 Included Included Included Included
    Online Access to Cookbooks/Meal Planning $50 Included Included Included Included
    Plan price per month Retail Med Fit Month
    to Month
    Med Fit 3
    Month Assess
    Med Fit
    6 Month Correct
    Med Fit 12 Month
    /Live Strong
    (MedFit Add On)
    BioScore $100 $75 1x per 3
    2x per 6
    4x per year
    Body Composition Testing $15 Free with
    Anytime Anytime Anytime
    Basal Metabolic Testing
    ($35 mouthpiece replacement fee)
    $50 initial $35
    follow-up if you
    keep mouthpiece
    $50 initial 5
    additional free
    $25 Initial 5
    additional free
    Included 6x
    per year
    Included 12x
    per year
    Max Pulse $50 $25 $10 Included 2x
    per 6 Months
    Included 4x
    per year
    VO2 Max Testing $100 $65 $50 Included 2x
    per 6 Months
    Included 4x
    per year
    CIMT Carotid Intima Media
    Thickening (soft plaque)
    $200 $200 $150 $100 $100
    VBreast Thermography
    (one region)
    $200 $200 $150 $100 $100
    Plan price per month Retail Med Fit Month
    to Month
    Med Fit 3
    Month Assess
    Med Fit
    6 Month Correct
    Med Fit 12 Month
    /Live Strong
    (MedFit Add On)
    Whole Body Vibration $60 unlimited a
    month $10/10 mins
    $40 unlimited a
    $30 unlimited a
    WBV unlimited ǂ WBV unlimited ǂ
    Full Spectrum Infrared
    $100 unlimited
    $30 per30mins
    $60 unlimited
    $15 per 30mins
    $40 unlimited Sauna unlimited ǂ Sauna unlimited ǂ
    Exercise with Oxygen
    $60 per 15 minute
    12 training sessions
    for $480
    $40 per 15 minute
    12 training sessions
    for $300
    1 training
    session included
    per 3 Months
    3 training sessions
    included per 6
    6 training sessions
    included per year
    Hyperbaric Oxygen $60/session $40/session 1 session
    included per 3
    3 sessions
    included per 6
    6 sessions
    included per year
    Plan price per month Retail Med Fit Month
    to Month
    Med Fit 3
    Month Assess
    Med Fit
    6 Month Correct
    Med Fit 12 Month
    /Live Strong
    (MedFit Add On)
    Skin care consult $50 $25 $25 FREE FREE
    Microneedling $350 $350 $300 $300 $250
    Skinceuticals Peel $150 $150 $110 $110 $75
    Plan price per month Retail Med Fit Month
    to Month
    Med Fit 3
    Month Assess
    Med Fit
    6 Month Correct
    Med Fit 12 Month
    /Live Strong
    (MedFit Add On)
    Grocery Store Tours $35 $5 Included Can bring a friend Can bring a friend
    Eat out with the Trainer $35 $5 Included Can bring a friend Can bring a friend
    Park workout/Corrective
    Exercise Group Class
    $35 $5 Included Can bring a friend Can bring a friend
    Cooking classes $35 $5 Included Can bring a friend Can bring a friend
    Check in Phone calls N/A N/A Included Included Included
    Breaking Barriers Class $35 $5 Included Can bring a friend Can bring a friend
    Monthly Package Worth** $926 $955 $1,169 $1,240
    Monthly Package Savings* $337 $515 $769 $880
    Monthly investment
    (2x week 30 min session)
    $469 $440 $400 $360
    Yearly Package Savings** 2.5 free training sessions
    per month (compared to 3 month)
    $1440 savings per year

    "*1 month money back guarantee | **Must be 2X or more per week to receive guarantee | +Must be 2x or more per week for free gym membership

    For these calculations the following assumptions would be made:**Assuming 12 Body composition testing a year,12 basal metabolic rate testing, one CIMT scan, 1 Upper Body Thermography scan, 2 VO2 Max testing, 4 Max Pulse test, , Unlimited Whole Body Vibration, Unlimited Infrared Sauna, 6 EWOT, 6 Sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen, 1 microneedling session, 2 peels, $994.56 per year for supplements before discountǂ Unlimited use is defined as 1 session per day as there is availability"

    So what’s your excuse?

    We can help you make lifestyle changes that will PAY for your fitness program!

    1) Gym membership = $40 2) Daily Coffee = $90
    3) Eating out = $120 4) Manicures/Pedicures = $120
    5) Shopping = $100+ 6) Movie tickets = $40
    7) Cigarettes = $150 8) Beer = $75
    9) Wine at restaurants = $100 10) Teas/Sodas = $10+


    How you care for your body now is a direct correlation to the quality of life you will lead as you age. You can spend time caring for your body now, or you can spend time in hospitals and waiting rooms later. Do you have 10 minutes each day? If you feel like you don’t, let us help you find those 10 minutes somewhere in your day. Every person has time, it has to be prioritized.

    Most of the time when people think they don’t have time, what they’re really referring to is a lack of energy.

    Think about that in the context of your own life. When you didn’t have enough time to get everything done during the day, was it because you truly couldn’t execute on all of it, or was it that you weren’t focused or efficient in the time that you were leveraging?

    Energy is actually the ultimate currency — it is the secret weapon of time. Come train with us and by improving your health you will increase your energy. And by improving your energy you improve your productivity and your capacity to live a full life.

    Let’s be truthful….check your iPhone screen time and your social networking screen time. We haven’t found a patient yet that can’t cut back on Pinterest or Facebook to create time for movement!

    Facebook Releases New Tools to Manage Time on Social Networks

    Facebook and Instagram have received a lot of heat from mental health organizations about the addictive nature of social media. To help appease those concerns, Facebook has added tools that help people become mindful of their time and activities on their two social networks.

    The tools are found under settings on Facebook and Instagram. It will tell you how many minutes you've spent on the social network each day and give you a week's worth of data. It will also allow you to set reminders when you have reached the max amount of time you want to use the networks.

    Since notifications can be what tempts people to keep checking their Facebook or Instagram account, there's a new notification settings section. This section allows users to turn off all or specific notification for a certain amount of time.

    Source: Facebook Newsroom


    To GIVE your best you have to FEEL your best. Your spouse deserves the best spouse, and the way to better yourself is through a healthy lifestyle. Besides the fact, we want “till death do us part” to be a long time down the road!

    Here are some typical excuses we hear:

    • 1) My spouse thinks it’s too expensive.
      • a. See our excuse busters on money!
      • b. We pay for your gym membership! And you can use your HSA or flex account.

    • 2) My spouse doesn’t exercise.
      • a. Be a good example. Be the first one to take your relationship in the right direction.
      • b. Try our couples training! You and your spouse could workout together. If you are at similar fitness levels, we can plan your workouts to be a game or competition if you want. Or, if you are both at different fitness levels we can individualize each workout so that you each progress according to your own level. But you are there together!
      • c. Swole mates are the new trend!

    • 3) My spouse doesn’t want me to be gone that much to the gym.
      • a. Then join our online group! Meals, shopping lists, and recipes created by our integrative nutritionist and workouts created by our medical fitness specialist sent to you daily! Plus this program provides real time support. You have Dr. Ehle and the entire MedFit team at your fingertips for questions, modifications, support and accountability!

    Being a role model releases you from having to say a word, and it works. A study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine found that having a partner who is physically active raised the odds by a factor of five that the other person would become more physically active as well.


    Just like an empty house falls apart, so does a body without movement. Movement is medicine! The trick is having a knowledgeable coach/support person that can teach you to move without pain.

    • 1) Our medical fitness specialists are all certified CORRECTIVE EXERCISE SPECIALISTS. What does that mean? It means they are more knowledgeable than the average joe. Our goal is to BUILD not BREAK our clients.

    • 2) We create sessions based on strengthening limiting factors (painful joints, bones, and muscles) as well as helping you reach your weight/muscle goal.

    • 3) We have clients in their upper 80’s…and the reason they are still living life to the fullest is because the medfit specialists they work with focus on flexibility, range of motion, and balance.

    • 4) Dr. Ehle utilizes state of the art regenerative medicine at Well Life Family Medicine. From acupuncture to stem cell therapy, hyperbaric oxygen to PRP and Prolotherapy, as well as osteopathic manipulation and infrared sauna, we have a myriad of options to alleviate pain and keep you moving.

    Let's get started!

    Contact us to begin moving
    in that right direction.
    It will be one of the best decisions
    you have ever made!


    Learn New Skills

    Customized Programming

    Gain Lean Muscle

    Reduce Risk of Injury

    Feel Great and Have Fun

    Medically Integrated Process

    Effective for All Ability Levels

    Lifelong Sustainable Approach

    Work odd hours or hard to make it to the gym?

    That’s ok, we even have online health coaching with daily workouts and meal plans for you to follow.

    CALL TODAY to get plugged in today for less than 5 bucks a week!

    The last group of participants lost over 160lbs! And the winner received $200!

    Medical Fitness Assessment

    Data Driven Decisions is the foundation of any scientifically based program.

    Get $100 off the medical fitness assessment valued at $670 and sold regularly for $299

    With this limited time special, you get the entire Medical Fitness Assessment protocol for only $199!

    It includes these state-of-the-art assessments to fine tune your fitness program.

    • BioScore

      We use fasted lipid panel and HGA1c to make precise nutrition/exercise decisions based on your internal biometrics.

    • MaxPulse

      We use the data provided by this 3-minute test to see the functioning of your heart to accurately choose appropriate levels of exercise.

    • Basal Metabolic Rate

      This breath test pinpoints your EXACT metabolic rate so we can prescribe caloric ranges based on goals and exercise vs. non-exercise days. Online BMR ranges are guesstimates, to truly know how much to eat to lose weight you need to know your individualized BMR.

    • Body Composition

      The weight on the scale doesn’t show the whole picture. With this metric we are able to see your bodyfat percent, and track how you are meeting your goals for increasing lean mass and only losing fat mass. This also gives us your metabolic age.

    • Pulmonary Functioning Test

      The results of this 3-minute test shows us the age of your lungs and will help us design a plan to increase your lung capacity.

    • V02Max

      This test shows us how your body consumes oxygen and allows us to tell you exactly what heart rate zone you should be in to burn fat or even get faster for a race!

    • Integrated Movement Screen

      We can see faults and impingements in your biomechanics to determine if corrective exercise is needed to support your fitness program to prevent injuries.

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