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Body Composition Analysis

Take Fitness to the Next Level with Body Composition Analysis

Keeping Track of Your Fitness Progress

When it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle, weight loss is a natural part of the process. We make use of diet and exercise to attempt to drop those pounds, and hop up on the bathroom scale to keep a log of how much we’re losing.

However, often, it seems that no matter how much you watch what you eat and indulge in physical activity, you only seem to lose weight on a temporary basis, or gain even more weight in the process.

It may seem like nothing seems to be working, and failure is always on the horizon. However, it just may be the fact that your bathroom scale isn’t always reliable.

Say Goodbye to the Scale

Losing weight does not mean you’re losing fat. Weight comprises of three things—fat, muscle, and water.

In order to lose weight in an effective manner, you need to target the excess fat rather than your overall weight.

The answer to tracking fat loss accurately is through the analysis of body composition.

Body Composition Analysis

Analyzing your body composition means that you measure your body’s fat, muscle, and water. It offers an alternative to obsessing with one number on a scale, allowing you to keep better track of your body fat loss and muscle gain as you strive to sustain healthy water levels.

With body composition analysis, the correct way to keeping track of and continually maintaining healthy and effective weight loss is uncovered.

Your Health is in Your Hands

In order to get accurate measurement of body composition, our Tanita device is a useful tool. All it takes is 45 seconds, and you can have a results sheet printed which details the elements of your body composition and allows you to track progress from there on out.

Tanita, an award winning device, gives you insight into a number of crucial components, including body fat percentage, fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat level, and basal metabolic rate, among others


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