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Sunlighten Full Spectrum Infrared sauna

Benefit from the world’s first controllable full spectrum infrared sauna. Created by Sunlighten, the Solocarbon® Heating Technology provides consumers with the opportunity to control the settings of infrared light so they can gain specific effects.

The NEAR-Infrared light offers cell immunity, wound healing, pain relief and skin purification. The MID-infrared light assists in weight loss as well as blood circulation. Whereas the FAR-Infrared light detoxifies the whole body while deepening core sweat and reducing blood pressure.

The Evolution of Infrared Sauna Heaters

The technology of infrared heaters started with the use of ceramic rods. The rods would emit infrared heat at very high temperatures and were unsafe to touch, since the heat would be contained in singular rods, rather than dispersed across large carbon-panel based surfaces. The overall temperature in the sauna would also be very high, but then would decrease if the consumer moved away from the rods.

Thankfully now, carbon heaters have replaced the use of ceramic rods. In comparison, carbon-based heaters work more effectively, and not just due to their larger surface. While both technologies do only emit infrared wavelength that are just a portion of the entire far-infrared spectrum, the ceramic rods were more inconsistent.

With carbon heaters, the effectiveness was more prominent since the carbon surfaces could emit and conduct infrared heat at an effective pace. This is why the Solocarbon Custom Spectrum heater exceeds in its function.

mPulse’s Solocarbon Custom Spectrum Heating Technology

The mPulse’s Solocarbon Custom Spectrum is the only heater that uses intelligent technology with clinical data and information input so consumers can get precisely the health benefits they seek.

The Solocarbon Custom Spectrum heater emits infrared heat at a tolerable constant temperature through big panels. This allows an even distribution of heat throughout the room. The panels are strategically placed in the sauna so the consumer is surrounded by infrared heat. The lesser temperature of these rays offers better results since it offers effective attributes for blood pressure reduction, skin health, weight loss, pain relief and skin detoxification.

Main Features of the mPulse’s Solocarbon Custom Spectrum Heating Technology

  • Advanced LED technology that delivers effective and true near infrared – currently the only IR sauna in the market capable of such service.
  • Multi-layered heaters that offer optimal heat at different wavelengths.
  • Personalized access to health benefits availed through the entire IR spectrum.
  • Unique one-touch program with customization for personalized experience.

Benefits of Solocarbon Heaters

In comparison to traditional saunas and other infrared technology, the Solocarbon heaters offer 7x more effective detoxification. These heaters are also the only technology that shows reduced blood pressure, effective results in weight loss and an increased core temperature in patients that have used them.

The Solocarbon saunas are also designed to provide a relaxing environment, which also contributes to the stress-reduction factor for most consumers.

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