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Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is an effective treatment for keeping a person’s body fresh and healthy. Both young and old people can benefit from this therapy as it hardly has any side effects.

In Germany, Exercise With Oxygen Therapy is called Multistep Oxygen Therapy (MOT).

How is Exercise with Oxygen Therapy administered?

The treatment involves the supply of oxygen at a constant rate of at least 8 liters per minute. A special mask is worn by the patient to ensure that almost all the oxygen provided to him/her is utilized and none of it is wasted. The oxygen purity is maintained at about 90% to 95% throughout the therapy.

EWOT has several attractive benefits that have made it a popular medical treatment across the globe. Some of the most prominent benefits of using EWOT therapy are listed below:

  • It helps athletes maintain their health and peak performance when used together with aerobic exercise and meditative techniques.
  • It helps in the alleviation of discomfort experienced due to injuries or debilitating medical conditions like arthritis.
  • EWOT has proven to be highly effective against reducing the effects of aging and its regularly employed as an anti-aging treatment process.

Our EWOT sessions

We provide our patients will well-researched EWOT sessions that consists of saturating their blood stream with oxygen while they perform light physical activity.

The following are some of the beneficial results that our produced by our EWOT sessions:

  • Rapid reduction in body fat

The elevated oxygen levels in a person’s body also increases its oxygenation rate and helps burn off excess fat at a higher rate.

We ensure that all the patients enrolled in our weight loss and nutrition program undergo proper EWOT sessions to assist them in their quest to rid their body of unwanted fat deposit. Within a few weeks, you’ll notice a visible improvement in your condition and a significant decrease in your body mass.

  • Minimizing cancer risks

In addition to being an effective weight management tool, our EWOT sessions have also proven to be very potent in reducing the risk of developing cancer.

The elevated oxygen level in a person’s body is extremely lethal to cancerous cells. Our EWOT treatment is conducted over the course of several months. However, it is not long before patients suffering from cancer realize that the treatment is succeeding in suppressing their cancerous cells and gradually restoring their health.

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Well Life Family Medicine specializes in providing quality Exercise With Oxygen Therapy to revitalize your body and improve its efficiency.

Our high qualified and experienced team of health specialists provides personalized EWOT based treatments to patients suffering from various kinds of physical problems.

The intense EWOT sessions we provide enable our clients to make a full recovery in a very short period. We have been able to maintain an impeccable EWOT record over the years and have helped countless patients recover from serious injuries.


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