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Well Life Family Medicine offers a number of outpatient lab services, allowing individuals to learn more about their health.

Along with in-house phlebotomy, we offer an extensive range of alternative evaluations such as:

  • Digestive studies
  • Food sensitivities
  • Antioxidants and nutritional deficiency evaluation
  • Hormonal and heavy metal levels etc

We also offer numerous in-house diagnostics tests as well, such as an EKG, strep throat swabs, urine pregnancy tests, pap smears and urinalysis. Expanded blood testing and conventional labs are ordered through the patient’s insurance company.

Fast and Accurate Blood Work

Well Life Family Medicine offers quick and convenient lab testing through our facility in Amarillo, TX. Our staff only consists of qualified phlebotomists who are specially trained to collect blood samples through a painless process. Our highly qualified team of lab technicians uses their experience to analyze tests and provide accurate results in a timely manner.

Our labs use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that we get our patient’s tests quickly. We do our best to ensure our patients that their need for quick results on the state of their health is a priority for us.

Information for Your Visit for Blood Testing

If you’re coming in for a blood test, please keep the following factors in mind.

  • Some tests may require you to fast for 12-14 hours preceding specimen collection. Ask your physician for instructions to ensure accurate results. You may drink water if the physician requires you to fast.
  • Verify billing information and insurance before your visit.
  • Bring an official form of identification.

What You Should Know Before Visiting the Lab

Orders are Necessary

All health providers require orders before they are able to draw your labs. If they do not have any order on their system, they will not perform your tests. Contact us to make sure your labs are in the system before you visit.

Costs Vary

Each test offered at Well Life Family Medicine is different and may cost more or less than your estimated amount. Contact the labs and inquire about your bill before you come for your test. If you have Medicare, you may be required to fill a form in case you want a particular test done that Medicare may not pay for.

Busy Times

The busiest time of day for lab testing is usually between 7AM to 1PM. Waiting time in early morning appointments can range from 20-45 minutes so plan your day accordingly.

Reports and Results

Due to the different nature of each test, results may take from 24 hours to 2 weeks. You may contact the Lab for further information on when you may expect your lab reports.

Come to Well Life Family Medicine

Along with lab services, Well Life Family Medicine offers care and expertise for integrative family medicine, functional medicine, weight loss, nutrition and numerous other purposes. Schedule an appointment and use our resources and medical expertise to further improve your health and lifestyle.

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