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Basal Metabolic Rate Testing

Your body’s metabolism plays an important role in determining the number of calories you burn in a day.

While it is true that engaging in physical exercises on a routine basis can help you burn off calories more effectively, this approach, alone, cannot guarantee that you will get rid of all the excess fat.

In the past, there was no easy way to determine the metabolic rate in a human body. However, modern technology has enabled health and fitness experts to accurately measure the metabolic rate of a person’s body using sophisticated devices, such as MedGem or BodyGem.

These gadgets can estimate a person’s metabolic rate by analyzing his/her breath. The breath test does not take more than a few minutes to conduct and produces fairly accurate results.

Why is it necessary to determine your body’s metabolism rate?

An assessment of your body’s metabolism will help you determine the number of calories your body needs to burn to achieve your health and fitness objectives. People usually have their metabolic rate tested if they are trying to:

  • Control their weight
  • Managing their body weight while adjusting to a new nutrition plan or weight loss program
  • Deal with the problems created by obesity such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, and breathing problems.
  • Increase their mobility by implementing a physical exercise program

Why is metabolic testing necessary for weight control programs? 

Every person’s calorie intake requirements are different. To help people lose weight quickly, we first seek to determine the metabolic rate of the patient.

Once this is done, we set about the task of chalking out a realistic nutritional plan and physical exercise schedule to help them burn off excess fat without harming their bodies.

Since a person’s metabolic rate determines his/her food and exercise requirements, any weight loss program that does not take this important factor into consideration is doomed to fail.

What are the main factors that affect a person’s metabolism rate?

Every person has a unique metabolic rate that is determined by various physical and bio-chemical factors. Below are some of the important factors that affect the rate of metabolism in a human body:

  • The person’s age
  • The person’s body mass or weight
  • The quantity of fat in a person’s body
  • Various hormone levels in the body
  • The person’s gender

It is quite possible for two human beings to have similar heights, weights, and ages, but very different metabolic rates and calorie intake needs. Thus, standard weight management plans can prove to be quite ineffective in helping people deal with weight control issues.

Well Life Family Medicine provides customizable weight management programs that are designed keeping in mind your body’s metabolic rate.

Our weight control programs are highly effective because they are tailor made to the fitness levels and individual preferences of our clients. Over the years, we have been successful in helping thousands of Americans manage their weight related issues and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle.



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