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Heart Math EMWave

In order to correctly diagnose a patient’s medical condition, doctors must use a variety of instruments to check the vital functions of the patient’s body. The cardiac monitoring device, or heart rate monitor as it is commonly known, helps medical experts determine the current psychological state of the patient and how well he/she is responding to the treatment being administered.

The manual method for measuring heart rate and the fluctuation in its rhythm is not very accurate and often yields questionable results. However, the introduction of modern heart rate measuring technologies, such as the pulse oximeter, enables doctors and health care professional to accurately measure a person’s heartbeat pattern.

What can a person’s heart rate tell you?

The measurement of a person’s heart rate can give doctors the following important information:

  • The emotional state of the person
  • The strength of the patient’s heart
  • Indications about an abnormality in the functioning of the patient’s body.

Thus, a heart rate monitor acts like a barometer to assess the true condition of the patient.

What is HeartMath?

The HeartMath organization was created in 1991. It was established as a non-profit research and training institution that focused on developing quality health care products. Over the years, the organization has educated numerous doctors and health professionals about the use of their products for the treatment of patients suffering from various kinds of diseases.

HeartMath has succeeded in helping thousands of individuals overcome their medical problems. They have also collaborated with countless schools, government organizations, and health care clinics across the country to promote awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A device called emWave was developed by HeartMath to monitor the variations produced in the human heart due to physical and emotional experiences. This device allows healthcare professions to keep an accurate track of the heart activity of their patients.

Well Life Family Medicine has managed to successfully use this technology to help its patients deal with their psychological problems and achieve a relaxed state of mind with a firm grip on their emotions.

What is emWave technology?

The emWave technology is a complex electronic heart rate monitoring device that accurately deciphers the state of a person’s emotions. It is used by health experts to help people learn how to change their state of mind and shift from one emotional state to another. emWave is highly compatible with all modern personal computing systems can be easily reconfigured for various other medical uses.

HearthMath succeeded in developing the technology after years of dedicated scientific research efforts. emWave has emerged as one of the many technologically advanced tools created by HeartMath to help people overcome their emotional and psychological problems.

Well Life Family Medicine regularly uses this technology to help its patients achieve a balanced emotional state and control their anxiety levels. This, in turn, enables them to overcome their eating disorder and obesity issues. We use the technology on a routine basis in our weight loss and nutritional training programs to help our clients improve their physical health.

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