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23andMe Genetic Interpretations

Within Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics, we study how with the use of nutrition and modification in lifestyle, gene expression can be turned on and off. Essentially, this involves the study of genetics.

Let’s take a Harvard study as an example. Within this study, participants who possessed obesity genes and also exercised tended to have a lower BMI in comparison to the sedentary group. This showed that, despite some people having obesity genes, these genes were not the sole determinant in how their life would pan out. The one thing that affects your life is the way that you choose to live, and how you work to support your body.

Knowledge is indeed power, and with this MethylGenetic DNA program, you can get to learn all there is to know about your genes and your health.

The Nutrigenomic DNA program will include a twenty page report that will expand on the significance of genetic mutations, detailing acts about >100 SNP’s/genetic mutations. You will be called in for an office visit in order to go over your report and review it. Based on your genetics, you will be provided with appropriate nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

You will be provided with a link that will give you a complete survey on symptoms that will be matched up to SNP’s, as well as with nutraceutical recommendations that can aid in modulating mutations.

If you have completed labs such as neurotransmitter, OAT, and salivary hormones, then these too can be incorporated into the DNA program.

What does our nutrigenomic plan consist of?

The genes of a human being do not control his/her fate. Our well-researched health programs allow people to take control of their lives and make efforts to ensure that they keep themselves physically fit. The following are some of the elements that are included in our Nutrigenomic plan:

  • An educational report on nutrigenomics and how they can be beneficial for people suffering from obesity related issues. The report also explains the whole genetic mutation process and how humans can use our nutrigenomic program to counter the effects of certain DNA sequences that can be responsible for undesirable effects in their bodies.
  • Our nutrigenomic plan also includes important recommendations about your nutritional intake and physical exercise routines. These recommendations are developed by our experts after taking your specific genetic characteristics into consideration.
  • Patients entering our nutrigenomic program will be subjected to advance genetic testing conducted in state-of-the-art laboratories. Our health experts analyze their salivary hormone level, neurotransmitter concentrations, and various other biological elements to get a better idea of what kind of treatment they require.
  • The results of the analysis are then sent to patients to enable them to get a better understanding of the problems plaguing them. This will help the patients to realize what they need to do to improve their lifestyle and optimize their fitness level.

Well Life Family Medicine has a highly-qualified team of medical experts that are well-versed in the techniques of nutrigenomics.

Our health experts use the latest nutrigenomic tools to develop a thorough understanding of the dietary and physical activity requirements of our patients. By correctly altering your diet plan, you can affect the expression of your genes and suppress certain effects that might not have a desirable impact on your overall physical health.

On the basis of our analysis of the expression of your genes, our experts come up with the best possible plan to get your body in good shape. With our professional nutritional guidance plan that is customized to your genetic structure, you’ll be able to meet your nutrition requirements and increase your physical fitness in a very short period.

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