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Breast Thermography

Now you don’t have to wait till your next mammogram to get a window into your breast health!


Whether you are a busy mom of three, a retired grandmother, or a working woman,  your health is your most valuable asset, and you try your best to be on top of taking care of your health.


So, what about your breast health?

Have you had your breast-health checked recently?



Perhaps you:

  • Have a family history of breast cancer but are too young for a mammogram
  • Are worried about toxic radiation exposure from mammograms
  • You have had surgery, implants, or biopsies that might make mammograms difficult to interpret
  • Have had an inconclusive mammogram
  • Are just plain worried about your breast health


No matter which situation you are in, WellLife Family Medicine has the perfect solution for you!


Why breast health?


As you already know, breast health is incredibly important, and breast problems can develop silently for decades before anything can be picked up on a mammogram!


Here at Well-Life Family Medicine, we don’t just deal with problems after they have formed.  We pride ourselves on comprehensive, preventive health-care to keep you happy and healthy, and this is why we have developed a comprehensive Breast Health Screening Program using state-of-the-art  Breast Thermography.


What is Breast Thermography?


Breast Thermography is an exciting addition to breast imaging technology that was approved by the FDA  in 1982.  It is an additional tool that doctors use to help determine breast cancer risk and can also indicate the risk of other breast conditions.  When Breast Thermography is used in combination with other tests, it gives your doctor an improved overall picture of breast health.


Breast Thermography uses infra-red imaging technology to scan the breast and produces an incredibly detailed heat map, which can help detect the new blood vessels that grow from tumors, as well as hormonal imbalances, and other breast-health problems.


Breast thermography provides an additional piece of the puzzle and is not to be used alone.  However, when used together with other imaging and lab tests, it will provide your doctor with much more information, giving a more comprehensive picture of your overall breast health.



What is the difference between a Mammogram and Breast Thermography?


Unlike a mammogram, which is used to diagnose breast cancer by using X-Rays that find denser tissues, a Breast Thermography Machine uses Infra-Red Imaging to find “hotter” areas of the breast that are more active.


A Mammogram is like taking a still photograph that tells you how a breast looks.


Breast Thermography is like actively looking through a set of infra-red heat goggles that can tell you how the breast is working.


Both tests give us different information and are both important when it comes to assessing your breast health.



Benefits of Breast Thermography


      • Safe
      • Painless
      • No harmful radiation
      • Can be used at any age
      • No limit on number of tests you can have per year
      • Fast


Who should have Breast Thermography?


      • Women with Fibrocystic Breasts or Dense Breasts
      • Women with inconclusive mammograms
      • Women with surgical implants
      • Younger women who want to limit radiation exposure to the breast
      • Women with a family history of breast cancer
      • Women struggling with hormone imbalances
      • Women who want a baseline for overall breast health
      • Women who have had surgical procedures or biopsies to the breast
      • Women who have had a mastectomy
      • You have had an abnormal mammogram and have been told you need to wait 6 months before your next mammogram
      • Any man or woman concerned about breast health


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I use Breast Thermography instead of a mammogram to diagnose breast cancer?


No.  When it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis, a breast biopsy is the gold-standard for diagnosing breast cancer.


Breast Thermography is used together with other tests including mammograms, ultrasounds, MRI’s, blood testing, and genetic testing, in order to add incredible amounts of detail to generate a comprehensive picture of your breast health and your risk of breast cancer.


What are the side effects of Breast Thermography?


There are no known short or long-term side effects of breast thermography.  It is incredibly safe!


How should I prepare for my Breast Thermography appointment?


Prior to the test, please adhere to the following:


      • No natural or artificial tanning 5 days prior to your test date
      • No breast manipulation prior to the test, including breast self-exams, compression of the breasts, breast stimulation, breast ultrasound, or mammogram for 24h prior to the test
      • No fevers for at least 36h prior to the test
      • No steam rooms, saunas, heat packs, or cold packs for at least 4 hours prior to the test
      • Do not shave your underarms or use skin creams, lotions, deodorants, or powders on your breast before your test
      • No coffee, tea, or tobacco two hours before the test
      • No restrictive clothing


How long will my appointment last?


Your appointment will last 30-60 minutes.


How do I book an appointment?


Simply fill out the form below to book your appointment!

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