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VO2 Max Testing

The term VO2 Max may be familiar to you, especially if you’re an active athlete or runner. Though it was primarily designed for elite athletes and professionals VO2 Max has rapidly gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts looking for an easy way to gauge their aerobic capabilities.

When described in simple terms, VO2 Max is a numerical measurement that determines your body’s capability of consuming oxygen. There are several factors that are tested to determine your specific rate, such as the number of red blood cells in your body, how adapt your muscles are when you’re running and the amount of blood your heart is pumping.

The VO2 Max test by CardioCoachTM helps us achieve that.

How the VO2 Max Test is conducted

In a VO2 Max test, the patient is hooked to a breathing mask while they are made to run on a treadmill. The volume of oxygen you consume while running during the difficult treadmill test is what determines the result.

The VO2 Max test max occurs when your consumption of oxygen redlines. This happens when you run at a faster pace than what you would in a 5k race. At this point, your heart is at its maximum rate, which means you’re running hard.

Our software then runs some mathematical tests involving oxygen consumption during exercise and your average body weight. The final number then determines the answer – how much oxygen your body was consuming at its hardest. That number is considered your VO2 Max.

Normal Numbers for a VO2 Max test

For most people, the correct number should come at somewhere in between thirty to sixty. Along with your max VO2, the test will also provide you with your maximum heart rate at the same time. This will give you more information on which to base your training progress.

How the VO2 Max Test Benefits Your Fitness and Health

The VO2 Max test is not just useful for professional runners and athletes. Those training at interval workouts can run at their VO2 Max pace to improve their oxygen intake further. In fact, there are numerous training programs that target the VO2 Max rate; in the same way that several training programs base their exercise regimes on maximum heart rate.

However, do not consider this to be the only test you will need to improve your fitness. The VO2 Max test is a reliable way to measure your health to specifically target and identify points of improvement in training. But if you want to fully benefit from the test, you must consult with a health professional as well as a coach to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

The VO2 Max testing offers a unique look into your fitness and health. Nevertheless, only professional assessment can provide you with the answers you need to meet your fitness goals.

So take advantage of the latest technology in fitness testing. Well Life Family Medicine offers VO2 Max testing by CardioCoachTM, a service usually available for just professional runners and athletes!

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