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Email Policy

April 7, 2017

E-mail is a convenient and efficient way to communicate non-urgent requests, questions, and messages that you may have for Dr. Ehle. However, while the security and confidentiality of email is comparable to other forms of communication, there are some special conditions that apply to e-mail.
– If your email address is through your employer, your employer may own all emails sent to that address.
– If your family shares your email address, other family members may see your messages.
– If you use an Internet service provider, there is a small risk that messages may be intercepted by others (“hackers”).

The following subjects are rarely appropriate for standard e-mail:
– Any urgent medical problem or emergency
– Mental health issues
– Alcohol and substance abuse problems
– HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
Dr. Ehle does not control the security of incoming email messages from patients. Patients who choose to email personal health information do so at their own risk. Please keep in mind that although email is a very effective tool, it is not a substitute for personal visits for examination and counseling with your doctor.

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