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If we sign up for a couple’s or family membership, are the membership benefits per family member or as an entire family?

May 13, 2017

A) The membership benefits are per individual unless otherwise stated. For example, families joining the platinum level membership, get a max of 2 thermography scans and CIMT scans per year per family, additional scans would be at the gold level pricing of $50 per scan. These can be used at your discretion for whoever needs it most, or all the scans could be used on one individual if desired. The same principle applies for other therapies as well. For example, our coolsculpting like device, Cryolipolysis (also known as the fat freezing device), is available to platinum members, for 1 hour per individual so for a family of 4 that would be 4 hours per year. Obviously, this treatment is not designed for everyone so you may use it on the family member that needs it most. This is a phenomenal deal as most clinics in town charge $600-$1000 per 1 hour of therapy. This savings alone if used, pays for the membership several times over!

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