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Plan price per month

Family includes 2 children
Additional Children under age 26

Online Benefits

Online Supplement Discount
5% once a month
Nudge Online Health Coaching Software Access
Diet Designer Online Meal Plan Creator Access
Online Access to Patient Handouts
Methyl Genetic Interpretation Report

Testing Discounts

Body Composition Testing
Free with office visit
Basal Metabolic Testing
$50 initial 5 additional free
Carotid Intima Media Thickness CIMT (Soft Plaque) Test
One region/Breast Thermography
VO2 Max Testing
Max Pulse
Nutraval Lab Draw

Therapy Discounts

Alkaline Water
$4 a gallon
Heart Math EmWave
Available during visit
Alpha Stim M
Available during visit
Whole Body Vibration
$40 unlimited a month $5/10mins
Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
$60 unlimited
$15 per 30 mins
Exercise with Oxygen (EWOT)
$40 per 15 minute session
12 training sessions for $300
Hyperbaric Oxygen
$400 for 10 sessions
Spinal Decompression
Laser Lipo
1 Treatment $25
4 Treatments $75
6 Treatments $100
12 Treatments $175

Procedure Discounts

Fat Burner Injections
Hormone Pellet Price (2 Pellets)
Knee/Shoulder/Hip Prolo
Knee/Shoulder/Hip PRP
IV Therapies
$80 Admin fee + cost of IV additives
Knee/Shoulder/Hip Prolo


Designated PCP for New Patients
PCP option
Visit Availability
Friday appointments with Sherri only
Email and Portal Communication
1 week turnaround by provider
Urgent Afterhours calls
< 5min covered Between 8pm-7am or nonurgent billed at full
Nutrition Consult
Office Copay
Exercise Training Sessions
Office Copay
Monthly Package Worth*
Yearly Package Savings**

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