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Plan price per month



Family includes 2 children

Additional Children under age 26

Online Benefits

Online Supplement Discount
15% Anytime

Nudge Online Health Coaching Software Access

Diet Designer Online Meal Plan Creator Access

Online Access to Patient Handouts

Methyl Genetic Interpretation Report

Testing Discounts

Body Composition Testing
48 tests a year

Basal Metabolic Testing
$50 initial 5 additional free

Carotid Intima Media Thickness CIMT (Soft Plaque) Test
1 included per year for individual 2 per couple/family

One region/Breast Thermography
1 included per year for individual 2 per couple/family

VO2 Max Testing
2 included per year

Max Pulse
12 tests a year included

Nutraval Lab Draw

Therapy Discounts

Alkaline Water
4 gallons a month

Heart Math EmWave
Unlimited use ǂ

Alpha Stim M Unlimited use ǂ

Whole Body Vibration
WBV unlimited ǂ

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Sauna unlimited ǂ

Exercise with Oxygen (EWOT)
12 training sessions included per year

Hyperbaric Oxygen
10 sessions included per year

Spinal Decompression
6 sessions included per year

Laser Lipo
6 Treatments included per year

Procedure Discounts

Fat Burner Injections

Hormone Pellet Price (2 Pellets)


Knee/Shoulder/Hip Prolo

Knee/Shoulder/Hip PRP

IV Therapies
$80 Admin fee + cost of IV additives


Designated PCP for New Patients
PCP option

Visit Availability
Reserved same day/next day urgent appt slots

Email and Portal Communication
48 hours

Urgent Afterhours calls
< 5min covered Between 10pm-7am billed at full

Nutrition Consult
4 sessions included per year

Exercise Training Sessions
Office Copay

Monthly Package Worth*

Yearly Package Savings**

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