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Vasectomy: Simple, Worry-Free Birth Control

November 2, 2021

Done growing your family?

You’ve decided not to have any more kids, and you’re thinking about having a vasectomy. But are having second thoughts because of pain and discomfort this may bring, not to mention other concerns that come to mind. Let us put your worries at ease.

A vasectomy is a sure way to prevent unplanned pregnancies. At Well Life, our gentle, no-scalpel method, takes the worry out of the vasectomy procedure and makes it simple and worry-free.

A vasectomy is the least invasive permanent and effective solution for preventing pregnancy. It benefits the man and the woman and has minimal risks. But, if you still have questions, we have answers.

How Does a Vasectomy Work?

A vasectomy, also called male sterilization, is a procedure that’s 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

With a vasectomy, the vas deferens tube (where the sperm leaves the testicles) keeps sperm out of your semen. The sperm then stays in the testicles and is absorbed by the male’s body.

After about three months following a vasectomy, the semen won’t contain any sperm making it 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

There are two types of vasectomies: the incision method and the no-scalpel method.

Incision Method

This is the most traditional method that involves making two small cuts to block off the vas deferens. Sometimes a tiny part of the tube also needs to be removed. The tubes may be tied, blocked with surgical clips, or closed with an electrical cautery. After the procedure is over, the cut is stitched up.

No-Scalpel Method

With the no-scalpel method, an anesthetic is applied with an air injector instead of a needle. A dissector (not a scalpel) is gently inserted into the scrotum. There is typically one tiny insertion (sutures are not even needed) site in the middle of the scrotum. Then the vas deferens is cut with a coagulator. This neatly seals the blood vessels. The vas deferens that is now divided, is separated by healthy tissue to prevent it from healing back together on its own. The upper left part is clamped, the bottom half is left open. The procedure is completed.

This procedure is faster and simpler with faster recovery. It is the gentlest way to do a vasectomy with minimal risk of complications.

Both procedures take less than an hour and are outpatient procedures that can have you back home in a couple of hours. However, the no-scalpel method reduces bleeding and lowers the risk of infection, bruising, and other complications. That’s why here at Well Life Family Medicine, we offer the simple, no-scalpel vasectomy.

Benefits of Vasectomy

The main benefit of a vasectomy is that it prevents pregnancies. This brings peace of mind, less worry, and fear of unwanted pregnancies for both the man and the woman. It is the most effective form of birth control, with less than a 1% chance of pregnancy occurring. There are more specific benefits for both parties involved.

Benefits for a Woman

Although the man is the one having to go through the vasectomy procedure, women benefit too. Oftentimes, women are left with fewer options than injections and procedures to avoid pregnancy. A vasectomy allows the woman the opportunity to avoid some of these options, like hormonal birth control and tubal ligation.

Hormonal birth control is common but comes with risks, mandates daily use and requires periodic visits to the doctor. Also, birth control pills are not as effective as vasectomy.

While tubal ligation can be effective, it is not as effective as a vasectomy. Pregnancy in the fallopian tube also called ectopic pregnancies, has been know to happen to women who have gone through the tubal ligation procedure. Ectopic pregnancy is serious and life-threatening — for the woman and child — and requires emergency surgery.

A vasectomy eases the worry for the woman and provides peace of mind and not have to worry about taking additional pills, other forms of treatments or getting pregnant.

Benefits for a Man

The primary benefit for a man is that they have full control of their reproduction, and they do not have to rely on their partner to ensure she doesn’t get pregnant. That, along with decreased anxiety, are valuable benefits of a vasectomy. Some men have experienced increased sexual satisfaction due to the relief of stress and fear.

Risks of a Vasectomy

All procedures carry potential risks and side effects. Vasectomies are no different. The risks and side effects after a vasectomy include infection of the skin cut, minor bruising or bleeding, and minor pain and swelling.

While any of these risks are possible, there is less chance of risk with the no-scalpel method. About 500,000 men in the U.S. get a vasectomy each year. A conventional vasectomy uses a scalpel which can damage delicate nerves and blood vessels. Our no-scalpel vasectomy leaves less bruising and swelling. There’s less bleeding both during and after surgery. Best of all, the no-scalpel procedure is just as effective. After your vasectomy, your semen is tested to ensure its effectiveness. This helps you to rest easy knowing you’ve done your part.

While many men worry that having a vasectomy will affect their sex drive or performance, there is no need for worry here. A vasectomy will not change libido, erections or orgasms, semen volume, or testosterone levels. In fact, many men report having a better sex life after their vasectomy.

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