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Want To Lose Belly Fat? Here Are Some Tips

April 16, 2018

Everyone dreams of having a flat and a toned stomach however, removing fat from your mid section is pretty hard. The process is slow and frustrating. Some reasons you have belly fat include:

  • You are dehydrated
  • Lack of proper sleeping schedule
  • You are under a great deal of stress

How to avoid these problems

In order to get proper sleep, avoid using your phone or laptop before going to bed since the light can prevent you from going to sleep.

In addition to that, make sure that your room is clean and well organized. Drink water before you start eating your food.

This is effective since you feel full and hence are likely to eat less. Maintain a well balanced diet, which consist of all the essential nutrients your body needs.

Remember, it’s not just about the diet. You also need exercise regularly in order to tone your muscles.

Working the abdominal muscles

two girls on a yoga mat

The main area that you need to target in order to lose belly fat is your core. In the past, people assumed that the most effective exercise for losing weight were sit-ups and crunches.

However, recent research shows that these exercises can damage your lower back and lead to pain.

Nowadays, people instead focus on more than one exercise, which activates their abdominal muscles. Some of these include:

Warming up your arm

This exercise involves you getting down on all fours and extending and arm out on the side. Rotate your arm. This helps loosen up your shoulders. Change your side and repeat the process for the other arm. Make sure that when you stretch your arm, it is in line with your back.


This exercise involves you getting in the plank position. Suck in your stomach in order to engage your stomach muscles. While you are in this position, extend your arm. Make sure that it is in line with your body.

Change your sides, switch to the other arm, and repeat the process. Keep in mind that your hips should not move while you are switching sides.

The finger tap

woman doing side plank

This exercise involves you getting extending your arm while you are in the plank position and lifting it so that your body and your arm are in a straight line.

The side plank

athletic woman excercising side plank

This exercise involves you shifting your body in a position where your feet are in line with your shoulder. Extend your leg out while you bend the knee to your chest. Do as many repetitions as you can in thirty seconds before moving on to the other side.

The cobra

woman excercising

The cobra is an effective exercise, which helps you stretch your abdominal muscles. It involves you lying down flat on the mat. Keep your forearms on the mat and use them to raise your head and chest while curling your back.

When it comes to exercises and nutrition, every person has different needs. What you might need is customizable exercise program which fits your needs. Get in touch with us. We are a medical weight loss center in Amarillo, Texas.

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