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Iphone Apps

Gluten Free Daily $59 per year or $9.99 per month
Gluten Freed-Gluten Free Dining for Health and Celiac

Lose it!
Sparkpeople Food and Fitness Tracker
Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitness Pal
Calorie Counter: Diets & Activities
Calorie Tracker by Livestrong.com
Calorie Counter
Fitbit Activity and Calorie Tracker
Meal Snap
Spinning Meals
Cure A to Z
iPod Free Pedometer
Sleep CycleUses the accelerometer in your iPhone when place on your bed during sleep to monitor your movement to determine which sleep phase you are in. Sleep Cycle then uses a 30 minute alarm window that ends at your set alarm time and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase.
GPS for the Soul – Find out more at heartmath.com

App Reviews http://www.eatright.org/appreviews/#.UWd4njeNDvo



My Diet Coach
Cure A to Z
I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App
Fitness Flow FREE
Noom Weight Loss Coach
Acupedo pedometer
Sleep cycle
Fitocracy – basically an RPG for getting in shape where you can unlock achievements and earn points by accomplishing workout plans and reaching your fitness goals
Nexercise – Nexercise doesn’t track food intake, just activity, but it supports 90+ different activities. Also, you can use your Fitbit, Fuel Band, and Jawbone Up to integrate your activity.
Zombies, Run! 2 -mix games and stories into your run as you complete missions in a world laden with zombies.
Nike+ GPS
GymPact – Make a commitment to work out a certain number of times a week. Choose the amount of money you are willing to risk if you don’t reach your goal. If you don’t achieve your goal? Your credit card gets charged. Achieve your goal? You get paid!

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