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Getting the most out of your first visit

Your first visit is very important, as it is during this visit that lays the framework to helping you reestablish your health. The more complete picture we have of your life and health history the better we can serve you.

You can only see the future if you know where you came. The key to restoring health is knowing what set you up for your current issues, what were the triggering events, and what are the mediators that keep you from healing. If we can establish a health timeline we can connect the dots and hopefully unravel the mystery of why you feel the way you do.
Sample Antecedents, Triggers, and Mediators
Blank Timeline
If you can help to fill out a health timeline before your visit, it will significantly help speed up the process of restoring your health.

At your first appointment, please, come in 15-20 minutes early. Bring your insurance card(s), and any pertinent test results or reports from imaging studies. Please, have your history forms already completed and, please, bring in your medications and any supplements you may be taking.


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Getting the most out of your first visit

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