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New Patient Forms

“Listen to the patient. He will tell you what’s wrong with him.” ~Sir William Osler

According to research 35%-56% more information in histories is gathered by using forms. This leads to improved communication, and a quicker diagnosis.
Prior to your First Appointment, please download and complete the “New Patient Paperwork” PDF Forms, and don’t forget to bring them to your visit, to save time. (I apologize for the paperwork, but this saves us time during your visit; it’s the most efficient way to get the detailed information I need for each visit to make a correct assessment in order to design an effective individualized treatment program for you.)
New Adult Patient Paperwork
New Pediatric Patient Paperwork (If 13 or older please use adult packet)

Seperate 3 Day Diet Diary
MSQ – Medical Symptom/Toxicity Questionnaire

At your first appointment, please, come in 15-20 minutes early. Bring your insurance card(s), and any pertinent test results or reports from imaging studies. Please, have your history forms already completed and, please, bring in your medications and any supplements you may be taking.

If you are coming in or considering acupuncture it is highly recommended you fill out and print this questionnaire. Treatment is often based on the patient’s constitutional tendencies, or biopsychotypes, that influence their life and health. To learn more about your biopsychotype, visit Dr. Joe Helms’ “Learning More About You”questionnaire and bring to your acupuncture appointment.

If you are coming in for a pediatric well child check, please see the Current Patient’s tab and print off and fill out the Ages and Stages Questionnaire for the appropriate age.

If you would like us to request a copy of your medical records from another medical office please fill out the medical release and either drop by, mail, fax, or email a signed copy.
Authorization to Release Medical Information

Notice of Privacy Practices
Consent for Treatment
Preferred Method of Communication
Office Financial Policy


New Patient Forms

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